Events in autumn in Jerez

The autumn season is a special time in Jerez where a lot of amazing events take place. The fact that they are not massive events gives them a special charm, so the foreign visitor can integrate better in the crowd and experience the festivals like a real local “jerezano”.      

Fiestas de la vendimia – Grape harvest festival

      This event is celebrated in the month of September and marks the end of the grape harvest in Jerez and the birth of the new wine, hence its name. This is one of the most characteristic festivities to take place in the city, one which has been celebrated for decades. During these celebrations, the three emblems of Jerez culture: wine, horse and flamenco, are paid tribute. The streets of Jerez are filled with activities related to music, gastronomy and popular culture.        

Sherry week

      The first week of November there is an innovative event which promotes Sherry wines among fans all over the world, with events taking place in more than 30 different countries. In Jerez during this week many bars and restaurants will offer tastings and pairing menus, wineries and vineyards organize visits and a whole range of different sherry-related events take place.      


Fuente: Diario de Jerez
      Already in the month of December and preparing for the Christmas holidays, in Jerez our famous zambombas take place. The people of Jerez and their visitors go out to the street and, around a bonfire, they all sing typical Jerez Christmas songs using the musical instrument of the zambomba. Moments where you enjoy music, the company of others, fun, and why not, accompanied by a sherry to warm the body and tone the throat.       If you want to enjoy all the cultural and leisure options offered in Jerez during the autumn months, while at the same time learning and improving your Spanish in a centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute, get in touch with. Tenidiomas.  

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