Please read all booking conditions carefully before starting your course.


Students can book online or use our application form in pdf.

In order to register for one of our courses you have to send the following documents:

The application form duly filled in.

Proof of payment of the registration fee (100 €) by bank transfer addressed to TEN CENTRO DE IDIOMAS S.L.

Those students who require a Visa must pay the full amount of the course and accommodation in advance.

All bank transfers must clearly state the full name of the student so that they can be identified. As soon as all the documents and the payment of the registration fee have been received, the school will confirm the booking and send the necessary documents.

The total course fee must then be paid either by bank transfer before the course begins or in cash/credit card during the first day of the course.

Payment process

Bank details:

Bank transfer to: Banco Santander

Account name: TEN – Centro de Idiomas, S.L.

IBAN: ES02. 0049.1863.9220.1020.8672


Ensure that the full name of the student is clearly stated on the bank transfer so that the student can be easily identified.


  • Initial placement test
  • Welcome pack (map of the city, folder, information about activities)
  • Language Tuition
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Free renting of books and magazines
  • Personal attendance and information according to your needs.



If the course is canceled more than 15 days before its start, Tenidiomas will refund 100% of the course fee paid by the student but will retain the registration fee of 40€ to cover administration costs.

If the student cancels less than 15 days before the start of the course, the student has no right to receive a total nor a partial refund. In this case, Tenidiomas will provide the student with a voucher in accordance with the value of the course so that they can attend another course within a period of 12 months.

In the case of cancelation due to circumstances beyond the student’s control making it impossible for them attend the course, the student will have to submit to Tenidiomas whatever document is needed to justify the aforesaid circumstances. Once verified, the school will refund the course fee paid by the student but will retain the registration fee of 40€ to cover administration costs.

Tenidiomas reserves the right to cancel any courses that fail to meet the minimum recruitment level during the required period. In such cases students will be given the option of a reduced number of individual tuition sessions, or sessions in a reduced group, equivalent to the published course price.

For example:

  • Extensive course 10 group lessons (7.5 hours/week) = 3 hours of private lessons or in a small group + 45min extra per week
  • Semi-intensive 20 group lessons (15 hours/week) = 10 lessons of extensive course of private lessons or in a small group
  • Intensive course 27 group lessons (20 hours/week) = 10 lessons of extensive course + 45 min. per day of private lessons or in a small group
  • Intensive course 40 group lessons (30 hours/week) = Semi-intensive course of private lessons or in a small group

If we are forced to suspend face-to-face classes and replace them with telematic classes due to COVID-19, the student will not have the right to a refund within 14 days prior to the course or once the latter, understanding that Tenidiomas offers the contracted service.


Changes or extensions

If a student wishes to make changes to their course booking once they have registered, any such modifications must be communicated to the school with at least 15 days prior notice. In such cases no administrative charge will be made, only being payable any corresponding difference in the course fee If a student wishes to extend their course once commenced, in order to ensure their place, this must be communicated to reception with at least 5 days


Tenidiomas will provide the letter of acceptance required for visa application once full payment of tuition fees and accommodation charges have been received together with an additional non-refundable charge of 50€.


  1. The school will arrange accommodation for students if they so request it. The school will provide different accommodation options from which students may choose the one which best suits their needs.If during their stay the student is not satisfied, only a change of accommodation may be arranged at no additional cost.
  2. Conditions of payment vary according to the type of accommodation requested. Students must pay the school a booking fee of 100 Euros prior to arrival in Jerez de la Frontera in order to reserve their accommodation. This deposit will be deducted from the final price of the accommodation.
  3. If students cancel their accommodation booking less than 15 days prior to arrival the booking fee will not be returned.
  4. Students must provide their estimated time of arrival at the accommodation at least one week in advance.
  5. Students must comply with the norms established at the place where they are housed, failure to comply will result in expulsion from the aforementioned accommodation.
  6. Students must pay for any breakages caused by negligence or intention. If a breakage occurs and there is clear culprit, the costs will be shared equally by all those students housed in the accommodation.
  7. In the case of any serious or repeated misbehavior, students will be expelled from the accommodation arranged by Tenidiomas and will have no right to a reimbursement of the accommodation fee.
  8. Tenidiomas reserves the right to change the accommodation arranged for any student, informing them previously of any such change.
  9. Students must bear in mind the difference of Spanish customs and culture and as far as possible respect the lifestyle of the country and that of their host in the case of host family accommodation.

Tenidiomas may adopt new security and protection measures in the contracted accommodation due to COVID-19, which will be informed before arrival.


Spanish courses

  • All classes are held in Spanish
  • Courses start every Monday
  • The groups will have a maximum of 8 students and a minimum of 3 students
  • There will be no classes on official holidays (local, regional and national)


Tenidiomas reserves the rights to use all possible graphics and audiovisual materials during the students’ stay at school (inside the school and in the activities organized by Tenidiomas) in its promotional material (photographs, audio recordings , videos, web pages, brochures, social media, etc.), unless the student states otherwise on arrival at school.

Our expectations

Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner and to respect fellow students and staff at our school, as well as to those with whom they share their accommodation. The illegal use of drugs, alcohol abuse or inconsiderate or offensive behavior towards others is considered unacceptable. The school reserves the right to terminate the course of any student violating the terms of this article. In such circumstances, no refund will be paid for the course or for the accommodation.