Gamification in Education Course

Next course: 27th to the 31th July 2020 (Online course & lessons on live )

Do you have a group of students that don’t have an interest in learning, an unmotivated or problematic class with which the usual methods don´t work and with which, no matter how many times the effort is made, you don’t see the results you hoped for?

With our course of Gamification in Education you will learn the key things for motivation to then give to these types of students, changing them into leaders of their own adventures and getting them involved more than ever. From a group of superheroes that have to do a mission to a group of detectives that have to solve a mystery, gamification can be adapted to all types of students, because their themes adapt to any personality and age.
The weekly course consists of:

15 hours of general Spanish + final gamification project

Tenidiomas is united with the European programme Erasmus+.

Furthermore the courses can be discounted through FUNDAE, Fundación Estalal para la Formación en el Empleo (Tripartite Foundation).
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  • Personal interview before the start of the course
  • Coursebook
  • Welcome pack
  • Access to the library
  • Wifi connection
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Final gamification project

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Prices of the course about “Gamification in education” for teachers

Price of registration: €40

¨Gamification in education” 15h/week 170€

Gamification in Education Course 2020

    • 27/07/2020 – 31/07/2020 (Online course and lessons on live)


Levels: Minimum B2 Number of students: 10 maximum Duración: Duration: Minimum 1 week Hours: 15 hours each week Start: 5th of August 2019


"Lo que más me ha gustado de este curso ha sido el hecho de poner en práctica lo aprendido además del hecho de que habéis gamificado el propio curso. Muy buenas profesoras. Recomendaría este curso."

Eva Bélgica Gamificación

This course requires a minimum of 3 students. If there is no group at your level, our reduced hour plan will be applied.