We offer a wide range of Spanish Language courses designed to meet the needs of all types of student from Beginner to Advanced.

Our teachers use a totally communicative and practical teaching method based upon the spoken word. Our staff have specifically designed the additional material used on the course alongside the textbook and all our classrooms are equipped with electronic smart boards so that our students may easily access the digital material used in class.

From the very first day only Spanish is spoken in the classroom and there is a close relationship between teacher and students, with personal tutorials to clarify teaching points or answer queries when necessary.

Calidad de nuestra enseñanza

Instituto Cervantes

More information: Instituto Cervantes


FEDELE is the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners. The main objective of FEDELE is to promote a quality status in the Teaching of Spanish in Spain. Más información: FEDELE.


Asociación de Enseñanza del Español en Andalucía. More information: EEA


The Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN) recognises our Spanish courses. Swedish students have the opportunity to attend Spanish courses funded by the CSN. More information: CSN

Ruta del vino y Brandy de Jerez

More information: Ruta del vino y Brandy de Jerez.


Asociación de Centros de Enseñanza de Idiomas de
Andalucía. More information: ACEIA.

Bildungsurlaub (Alemania)

In Germany, the institution of Bildungsurlaub allows employees from any sector to apply for up to an extra 5 days of educational leave that are to be used for professional advanced training. Spanish courses of Tenidiomas are recognized.
More information: Bildungsurlaub


Asociación empresas turísticas de Cádiz
More information: AETC