Events in Jerez 2020

A poster featuring all the events taking place in Jerez during 2020 was presented in January at the international tourism trade fair, FITUR, held in Madrid Here you can find a summary of the most important events, many of them of international relevance.    

Festival de Jerez (21st to 7th of March)

Web revista La Flamenca Foto: Javier Fergo
  An international flamenco festival well known to flamenco enthusiasts throughout the world. For two weeks the city offers its visitors specialized flamenco workshops organized by professional dance schools along with shows and performances by famous dancers and singers, as well as a series of other related events organized by the city council.    

Semana Santa de Jerez (5th to 12th of April)

Diario de Jerez
  Declared of International Tourist Interest, this religious celebration counts on a large following in Jerez. Every day during Holy Week processions accompany a series of floats around the historic centre of the city, each of historic and artistic importance and depicting a scene from the Passion of Christ.        

Spanish MotoGP (1st to 3rd of May)

  The Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix is yet another of the important events to take place in Jerez, a race that has been held in Spain since 1950. As well as  the races at the Jerez circuit, the city also hosts a varied range of entertainment for visitors in the and around the centre        

Feria del Caballo (9th to 16th of May)

caballos de Jerez
  Together with the Feria de Abril in Seville, this is one of the most well-known fairs in Spain. Its most outstanding feature is the continuous parade of horses and carriages around the grounds of the fair, creating a unique atmosphere that never fails to delight all visitors.    

Vinoble (24th to 26th of May)
    The only international wine trade fair in the world to exclusively feature fortified wines. This event therefore converts Jerez into the fortified wine capital of the world, held once every two years.      

Fiesta de la Bulería (20th to 22nd of August)
  A date with flamenco song and dance, paying homage to the bulería, the most typical style of flamenco in Jerez    

La Vendimia Grape Harvest Festival (29th of August to 13th of September).

  A local celebration well worthy of mention for its traditions and history. During 15 days a series of events and activities, all with sherry as their central theme, take place for visitors of all ages, along with flamenco shows, cultural activities and cultural tours. All culminating with the pressing of the grapes and the birth of the new wine of the year.     For more information:  

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